This cast describes how to respond when someone disagrees publicly in an unprofessional way.

For years you've probably been reading about how important collaboration is. It's important to "work with" rather than "manage" your team. It's important to be open and candid and frank, and to encourage that from your directs.

Unfortunately, all those encouragements to collaborate and be a part of the team and exchange ideas freely without worry about rank don't really address the day to day issues that come up. Like what to do when no one speaks up. Or when someone takes advantage and tries to hijack the meeting. Or when everyone contributes but one person stubbornly resists.

Or, when someone disagrees publicly in a less than ideal way. What do you do?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I do when someone disagrees with me in public?
  • Do I have to tolerate abuse?
  • Can I give feedback about disagreement?

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