This guidance describes whether or not to give feedback in public, or in private . . . or neither.

At every conference we hold, public or private, we get asked about giving feedback in public or private. "Can I give feedback on the spot in front of others?" "I don't have to time to ask everyone to come to my office - what do I do?" "Can I give positive feedback in public, and just save the negative for private?" And, "Do I have to give all my feedback in my One on Ones?"

At least in part, these questions are based on the totally wrong historical guidance, Praise in Public, Criticize In Private. But we'll address why that guidance is wrong some other time. Here's how to decide what kind of environment is appropriate for giving feedback.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Can I give positive feedback in public?
  • Can I give negative feedback in public?
  • What if I want to set an example for others?

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