This cast describes how to decide which jobs to apply for.

We have noticed that there are two types of job seekers, those who will not apply for anything they are not 100% sure they are qualified for, and those who apply indiscriminately for any role. We understand though, that as a job seeker, it's difficult to understand the reaction of recruiters to our resume, especially when we've been through the confusing situation of being asked about roles we're not interested in or rejected for roles we thought were perfect for us.

To help you with making the decision, whether to apply or not, we've converted our experience as recruiters and hiring managers into an exercise which will help you make the decision. It will take some extra time initially, but going through it a few times will help you understand the thinking required to make appropriate applications. To help you understand the model fully, we're also going to give you a worked example.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • When should I apply for an advertised job?
  • Do I need to have all the skills before applying for a job?
  • How do I assess my skills for an advertised job?

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