This guidance describes how to choose what to delegate using a simple Venn Diagram - the intersection between the direct, the manager, and the organization.

We were recently with a CEO client who had used our guidance on what to delegate pretty effectively. She had reproduced our Juggling Koan diagram, and asked her directs to fill it out with their big and small balls of responsibility. In addition to that, she had noted below the diagram our questions from our guidance on delegation: what the direct is good at, what the direct needs, and what the direct wants.

We were impressed that she was working so hard to develop her top team. This is what effective executives do - follow through in detail to ensure that the organization continues growing after they're gone.

And, yet, when we talk with managers and executives about our guidance, many ask, what about what I think my team needs, and what about what the organization might suggest based on their career path? This cast expands upon our previous guidance.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What tasks can I delegate?
  • How do I choose which directs to direct what to?
  • What if my directs don't want to be delegate to?

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