This cast describes Manager Tools' first principle about managing directs from different cultures, based on the Wendii curve.

We get lots of questions about managing directs who have different cultural backgrounds than the manager.

  • How do I manage my Indian technology experts?
  • How do I handle the Lone American on my team? Can he deal with consensus culture? Will he be a bull in a china shop? How can I reduce the chances he is a loose cannon?
  • Will my German employee be rigid and require rules? How can I get him to open up?
  • Shouldn't I be managing differently based on where my employees are from?
  • How do I address the cultural differences between us?

The consulting and management advice and business press industries have all supported, frankly encouraged, and probably caused in a way, these questions over the past 20 years. It made sense, as our workforce became increasingly globalized and mobile. The idea started with, how can we be respectful? The question boils down to, how can a manager be most effective when managing a culturally diverse workforce?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What is the Wendii Curve?
  • How do I manage differently in different cultures?
  • What is cultural diversity?

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