This cast describes Career Tools' recommendations for textual communications on portable devices.

If you've ever been talking to someone who was distracted and then proceeded to answer a text message, send an email, post on Facebook, "Tweet", or in any other way use their cell phone, smart phone, pager, or any other mobile device to communicate, this cast is for you. Feel free to start playing this cast for the offender, on your own mobile device, and then hit them over the head with it.

Here is Career Tools simple guidance for using mobile phones and messaging devices.

  1. Put Your Device Away When You Are Addressed
  2. Don't Touch Your Device When Conversing
  3. Rare - RARE - Urgency Trumps This
  4. Ask To Be Excused
  5. And Finally, Interrupt Politely

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Do I have to put my technology away?
  • What if something urgent happens?
  • How do I ask to be excused?

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