This cast describes Career Tool's recommendations for answering questions about your career history.

We get questions all the time from members who feel that their career history is less than stellar and they have concerns about just what to say when asked "why did you leave this job?" or "what prompted that decision?" In fact, sometimes they go as far as not interviewing because they are so concerned about this question.

The good news is that there is a way to answer this question, and that actually, though it is often asked, it's much less important to interviewers than you might think. The art of answering it is to assign it it's proper importance in your mind, decide how you're going to answer and concentrate on the parts of your interview which demonstrate your competence. You might get a minus point here, but the rest of your interview can add up to so many positive points that it becomes irrelevant.

  1. TELL THE TRUTH! Truth is Not Your Enemy - An "Answer" Is
  2. Decide on an Answer and Practice
  3. Above All Be Honest
  4. Short, No Blame
  5. Matter of Fact Delivery
  6. Add In Follow Up Information
  7. Stop Worrying About It

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Do I have to tell the truth about my career history?
  • How do I structure my answer about my career history?
  • Can I make my career history better?

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