This cast describes how to increase the chances that you will get to hire your favorite candidate when he or she has to interview elsewhere in the organization.

There are a number of times and places and processes where it's amazing how easy it is to be more effective than almost everyone else as a manager. We've said several times that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. We don't want the state of management to be so underpowered, but it is, and we're not afraid of being blunt about it.

And when the opportunity for an EASY win is in the most important thing a manager does, it's doubly frustrating to not take advantage of some simple improvements. It's one of those areas we think of as a professional sin.

Do we have your attention? Important AND easy to change? Our kind of stuff. What we're talking about here is helping your favorite candidate get hired. Why is it that so many of us as managers find someone we really like, and then we don't do anything to help them get over any hurdles that yet remain? We've heard too many stories of managers either (a) wanting to hire someone and not getting them because THEIR boss didn't agree, or even worse (b), getting someone they DON'T want because the boss didn't like their choice and chose someone ELSE. OUCH.

For the record, this cast will focus on just the "boss" side of this. Lest you doubt it, when you want to hire a candidate, we recommend you also help them be well perceived and received by your directs and the rest of your organization. Their peers and their directs will play a huge role in any candidate's success as a team member. And the boss does's how to make that work.

  1. Your Boss is RIGHT To Pass Judgment
  2. Brief Your Candidate On Your Boss
  3. Describe What Your Boss's Interview Will Be Like
  4. Provide Feedback on How Your Candidate Did With You
  5. Practice Interviewing With Your Candidate
  6. Don't Forget to Review QUESTIONS As Well As Answers
  7. Require Thank You Notes, Follow Up, and Communication

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I make sure my candidate gets selected?
  • How do I prepare my candidate for an interview?
  • Can I provide outside candidate with feedback?

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