This cast recommends how managers handle requests for confidentiality from their directs.

What do we do when one of our directs asks for confidentiality? Can we offer it? Whatever could they be wanting to talk about that requires it? Are we being set up?

We get this question in different forms. Generally, managers fall into two different categories in terms of THEIR take on the subject. One group feels that it's not a good idea, and the other feels it's fine, and part of normal relationship building. The second group says, the better the relationship I have with others, the more trusting we are and the more open we are. Why wouldn't I offer privacy to my directs to encourage openness? Isn't that what One on Ones are about?

Here are the Manager Tools recommendations about confidentiality:

  1. Managers Can NEVER Offer Confidentiality to a Direct
  2. Respond By Declining, Providing The Rationale, and A Brief, Clear Example
  3. Encourage Candor Nonetheless

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Can I offer confidentiality to a direct?
  • How do I explain my stance to my direct?
  • How do I get my directs to be candid?

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