This cast describes what to expect of our bosses when it comes to confidentiality of our communications with them.

What kind of confidentiality can you expect from your boss? What can we share, how will it be handled? Can I trust my boss? These are questions we get a lot as we train managers and executives.

They're especially likely to come from newer managers. They haven't yet learned some of the underpinnings of professional management. We're thrilled to answer directly. We worry that they will apply the wrong principle - "my boss says I can trust him" - and end up in an awkward - or worse, professionally damaging - position.

The answer is probably not what most of us would like to hear. But those of us who are older and bloodied by organizational and professional life would much rather others learn from our experience than learn the hard way.

  1. There is NEVER Confidentiality With ANY Manager
  2. Do Not Ask For It Nor Expect It
  3. Do Not Assume It Can Be Invoked
  4. Lack of It is NOT An Indication of a Lack of a Trusting Professional Relationship

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Are my conversations with my boss confidential?
  • If I say it's confidential, isn't it?
  • If our conversation isn't confidential, does it mean my boss doesn't trust me?

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