This cast describes how to schedule and how to action breaks in meetings.

This is one of those casts we just never thought we'd do. We are like everyone else, in that we mostly assume that everyone else knows what we know, and does things the most effective way when they know it. But recently we've observed some meetings, and the way they handled breaks really surprised us. Not in a bad way - we just felt like we weren't doing our jobs. We've seen meeting breaks done well, and poorly, and it's our job to help everyone get them right. Sorry to the folks in those recent meetings that we didn't assume you'd want guidance in advance.

Meeting breaks are easy to schedule and do once we know the basics, and this cast lays out the basics quickly and easily.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • When should I give breaks in my meetings?
  • Can I give ad hoc breaks in my meetings?
  • How do I deliver a break during a meeting?

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