This cast describes how give feedback to a project team member if you are a project manager.

Despite Manager Tools stated disavowal of the matrix organizational structure, we've said before we know it exists, and many of us are in one. That means that there are project managers. We've said before that the Manager Tools original Feedback model is for managers only. So what do project managers do?

We're going to address just one part of the PM's challenges here: how to give feedback to project members. And the short answer is: use the Manager Tools PEER Feedback Model. And since now we're applying it to both Peers AND Projects, we might periodically call it the PFM . . . even though we generally shy away from acronyms. This is just another addition to the family of both Feedback casts and Basics casts . . . because we know that high performance managers and leaders and executives provide candid and direct feedback to their directs.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I talk about performance to project staff?
  • How do I get staff to do things when I don't manage them?
  • How does feedback differ in projects?

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