This cast recommends that Generation Y professionals keep their parents out of their careers.

A lot has been written about Generation Y, or the Millennial Generation. Several books have come out - the Trophy Generation, Not Everyone Gets a Trophy. LOTS of articles have been written.

The entire Generation Y management and career advice business is dross. Really, really bad advice, both to Gen Y professionals and to their bosses. Perhaps the one silver lining in all the bad advice is that many professionals and managers will read it and say, "anyone who publishes stuff like this can't be very good when it comes to career advice, I think I'll disregard their future stuff."

One of the "trends" of Generation Y is that because they were doted on by their parents, their parents get involved in their careers. Career Tools has some guidance on that.

  1. Parents Must NEVER Communicate About Professional Matters To Your Associates
  2. Politely Tell Parents Not To Do So
  3. Parental Involvement In Your Career Sends a Message That You Are a Child

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Can my parent talk to my boss?
  • Why should I not involve my parents in my career?
  • How do I stop my parents from being involved in my career?

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