This cast explains the basics of how to have One on Ones with project team members who do not report to you.

Yes, you can have One on Ones in a matrix organization. They work wonderfully. One reason is that matrix orgs reduce communication while increasing the amount of chatter, and One on Ones directly improve communication. While we recommend One on Ones virtually exclusively for manager-team member relationships, the Project Manager-team member relationship has become important enough, and common enough, to justify this additional meeting. [Again: we don't recommend we try to create One on Ones with our boss. We do that with our Professional Update.]

The text of the email invite we mention in the cast can be found here:

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do One on Ones change for Project Managers?
  • How do I roll out One on Ones as a Project Manager?
  • How do I deal with pushback from other managers?

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