For years pundits have been predicting that technology (videoconferencing, etc.) will lead to the decline and death of business travel. We here at Manager Tools don't agree. We're human, and humans do better with face to face connections to ensure a complex project does well. Technology has led to the globalization of business, but that has INCREASED the need for getting on an airplane.

And getting on an airplane means packing a bag. And based on what Mark sees in his travels, no one seems to have gotten the memo about the right way to do it.

How easy is it? How about a 23 day, 5 country trip without checking a bag? Yep, you read that right.

For Individual Licensees, we have the normal shownotes (though the notes have a bonus in them) and slides, PLUS a special set of slides showing How Mark Packs for a Week Long Trip. Step by step pictures: what he packs, how he uses dry cleaning bags, how it all fits (easily). If you're not a Licensee, this is a cast that might make it worth it!

For Individual Licencees only, we've posted a video of Mark going through his packing routine. One of many more videos to come!

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What should I pack when I'm going on a business trip?
  • How do I make what I need fit into one suitcase?
  • How do I stop my clothes getting wrinkled when packing?

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