This show describes The Feedback Model's inclusion in the Management Trinity.

We continue here our recent theme of revisiting the high level rationale and actions involved in the Management Trinity. In our discussion of feedback, we talk about the basics, of course: What the Feedback Model gives the effective manager, and how the effective manager actually puts it into action.

This theme came out of many conversations we have had with managers about the value they were getting from our high level discussion of the Trinity at both Effective Manager Conferences and at onsite corporate client work.

We're careful to make every cast actionable. This one IS. We make a specific recommendation regarding feedback delivery you don't want to miss.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I talk to my team about performance?
  • How do I stop my directs before they go off the rails?
  • How do I encourage the behaviours I want from my directs?

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