In this cast, we describe how to be effective in everyday conversations.

We've spent a great deal of time on managerial communications, and for good reason. Managers rely on communication to achieve the very basic requirement of their role: aligning and inspiring others to achieve more than they could do on their own. As a former boss of mine was fond of saying, "you may be smarter than me, but you're not smarter than WE."

But, there are a lot of different kinds of communication. We've talked about meetings, and feedback, and coaching, and late stage coaching, and delivering reviews...and there are hundreds more.

Including plain old conversations.

Conversations are our most FREQUENTLY used verbal communication form, aren't they? So why does everyone want to know the right way to do all those other managerial communications - like feedback: "do I REALLY have to say FEEDBACK?!?" - but nobody seems to ask about conversations?

In this cast, we'll share the MOST VALUABLE CONVERSATIONAL COMMUNICATION TOOL you'll ever learn (that your mom didn't teach you).

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Why do we communicate?
  • How can I persuade people to my point of view?
  • How do I make good conversation?

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