This cast describes how to leave an effective voicemail.

If you've ever gotten a voicemail which sounded like, "[your name], this is [their name], call me," you know why we're doing this cast.

Phone manners have been steadily decreasing for decades. When boys used to call for Mark's daughter Kate, they would slouch verbally through, "Is Kate there?" and Mark would answer, "Yes," and hang up. He safely assumed that any person who asked that question was a boy, and not enough of a gentleman to be allowed to speak with her. (At first she rolled her eyes, but later she liked the hurdle that Mark's demand created: those boys that never got it ended up being...well, boys.)

What about at work? The "Bob this is Joe call me" is only one example. It ranks right up there with "saw that you called, what's up?" answered with, "did you, errrrr...listen to my voicemail?"

In this cast, we have recommendations for how to leave a voicemail. We think of this as the first cast on phone skills...out of several hundred to come.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I make my voicemails effective?
  • How long should my voicemails be?
  • What do I need to include in my voicemails?

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