This cast describes how to be an Effective Mentor. [We released two previous casts on how to be mentored: Basics of Mentoring - Part 1 and Basics of Mentoring - Part 2]

In a departure from our normal planning, Mark wrote this week's show based on his strong response to a recent WSJ article, "Career Mentors Today Seem Short on Advice But Give a Mean Tour", published 28 August in the Cubicle Culture column (normally written by Jared Sandberg, this week by Elizabeth Holmes). Basically the article says that mentors don't do a good job and described some of the more pitiful efforts.

[We're pretty sure you can get the article free by clicking here: Career Mentors Today Seem Short on Advice But Give a Mean Tour]

The state of mentoring today is pathetic. It's pathetic at least in part because the state of management is pathetic as well. Too many companies ask mentors to do what managers ought to be doing: coaching, guiding, giving candid feedback, providing career guidance, preparing for promotions, helping create networks of associates and resources. A good manager does ALL that.

But we've decided that rather than just rail at what exists, we'll finally deliver the second half of our pair of mentoring casts: How to be an Effective Mentor.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I choose who to mentor?
  • How should I structure my mentoring?
  • Do I have to provide feedback?

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