This cast is about interview preparation, and the need for ethics and candor during the process.

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One of the tenets that distinguishes the casts is its emphasis on preparation. One of the Forum posts actually suggests that folks buy before they think they need it, because many of our suggestions require time to implement (it can take months, done right).

BUT... there are those who disagree. There are interviewees who believe that the key to interviewing is to "play the game". Many of these folks will tell you that the way to prepare is learn about the company (false, and proven so in Lesson #1), so that one can "be what the company wants".

Those who have suggested that to Mark meet with his famous response: "you've never seen Horstman's Wager, have you?"

In this cast, we'll discuss Horstman's Wager: why "playing the game" is the kiss of death in interviewing.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I play an interview to ensure I get an offer?
  • What's the worst outcome of an interview?
  • How do I win at interviews?

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