What do you do when you're in conflict with a peer... and your directs become involved? What's interesting here is that we all ought to know that if we ARE in conflict with a peer, our directs ARE involved. Our directs know who among our peers are our allies, and who we don't align well with. Our directs make choices, perhaps subtle, but choices nonetheless, that can add to our tensions (yes, even if we tell them not to).

What can we do as managers to help our directs deal with a peer of OURS that WE are in conflict with? When the peer begins to not behave professionally, and doesn't meet her responsibilities to projects or teams he's on... what do you do? When the peer expresses disdain, or is less than professional in how he treats one of your team?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I do when I'm in conflict with a peer?
  • What do I do when conflict includes multiple people?
  • How do deconflict my team?

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