One of our most popular podcasts - and it was actually a series of casts - were titled "The Efficient Assistant and The Effective Executive". We laid out a plan for having a great relationship with one's assistant, and we get comments and mails almost every day from managers and executives thanking us for sharing what their firm never did. [Think about the penny-wise and pound-foolishness of giving someone an administrative assistant and then not teaching the basics of how to make the investment valuable!] Many of the assistants actually say thanks for the fact that our system recommends that they do a LOT MORE work than what they're doing now.

But we need to talk about assistants again, because in our original series, we left out a key part of executive and managerial life.


This cast tells you how to handle email if you have an admin.

Now, if you've already come up with 10 (erroneous) reasons why it won't work for you, listen in. If the CEOs of billion dollar companies can do this... you can too.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Should I let my admin answer my email?
  • Can I hide emails from my admin?
  • Can I trust my admin with my email?

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