It's really that simple. So how come no one seems to apologize anymore?

Unfortunately, for all kinds of reasons, the art of apologizing has fallen from favor. We think the primary reason is about power - most people mistakenly believe that when they apologize, they're admitting weakness. In fact, an apology is considered to be an incredible show of strength. If you're apologizing, then you and the recipient must both know that you've made a mistake, or created an awkward situation. You're already in the dog house. Failing to apologize doesn't say it didn't happen. It says you don't think it's a big deal. And if your boss or associate or team member thinks it IS a big deal, you have - YOU have - just made your first mistake into a double header.

And another reason is that managers don't know how to apologize, and that's why Manager Tools is here.

In this cast, we share an elegant three and a half step apology, and talk about some of the misconceptions and glaring errors associated with saying one regrets one's error.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I apologize?
  • What should I say when I apologize?
  • What should I do after I apologize?

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