We got a great email recently from a listener asking about how to develop one of the managers in their company. The mail went something like this: "hey guys, love Manager Tools, really like the usability of the recommendations. But need some help. One of our guys has some management responsibilities, and we'd like to help him get better. Wonder if you can recommend some sort of comprehensive coaching program, with some resources or books that we can get him involved in."

Well, if you've ever thought that about one of your managers, or maybe even yourself, this cast is for you. What we're going to do is present you an abbreviated version of the Manager-Tools development philosophy, and then give you some coaching examples that would fit within it. Now, we say the word "philosophy" with great trepidation. It's one of those big words that books on management fill themselves up with, but that don't really help folks like you and us get any better at what we do. So maybe we ought to say this: we're going to tell you exactly how we develop people, and give you one example to get you started.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I help a team member get better?
  • At what can I help my team member get better?
  • How do I tell someone they need to do better?

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