Roadmap helps you implement One On Ones and Feedback by guiding you through the tasking and timeline for Rolling Out the Trinity. RoadMap reminds you of what to do, from setting up O3 times to reporting Feedback you’ve given. The app will even alert you when tasks are coming due. No need to remember it all on your own, Roadmap tells you what to do and when. We created videos to help you learn about RoadMap. You can watch them below. It’s The Trinity in Your Pocket.™

RoadMap Online


Welcome To RoadMap


To get started, get the Manager Tools app from the appropriate app store. Once the app is downloaded, you can login with your credentials for the website. Once your app is downloaded, you're ready to get started! Select Roadmap from the menu in the app. You'll be taken right to the first task.

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Getting Started

Completing Action Tasks

Entering Your Team Members

Choosing Times For Your O3's

Sending O3 Invites To Your Team Members

How To Report O3's

What Do You Do When You Or Your Directs Are Absent

Are You Ready For Feedback?

How To Report Feedback

Your Dashboard

Ask A Question

The Enterprise Portal