I am interested in getting resume advice from the MT/CT community.

I have worked with a small manufacturers rep firm for ten years and have decided I need to make a change. I would like to search out opportunities within a sales related role (with special target in the hotel event sales field), but am open to opportunities with other industries and functions. Unfortunately I was not wise enough to keep documentation of my achievements over the past ten years, filling in my achievement bullets has been a major challenge.

I do not have a degree but feel my sales background and experience will help demonstrate loyalty and dedication. I am 34 years old, I am concerned the few number of jobs and lack of degree will hurt my ability to get to the interviewing stage. I could use advice on making sure my resume is as strong as possible to help me overcome these perceived drawbacks.

If you are interested in offering assistance, please send me a private message. I would love to share my resume and hear your input on how I can improve my job-searching success.

Thank you in advance!