Yes, Manager-Tools has already won one award at the People's Choice Podcast Awards. More traffic was generated from the Manager-Tools website than any other podcast.This gets M&M a year of free advertising on the People's Choice website.

Now comes the really big stuff. The voting. Prizes with cash awards. Not big money, but more money then they're earning now from this venture. :)

Manager-Tools is nominated in two different categories: People's Choice and Business. Voting begins at 0001 Friday, July 28 and ends at midnight, Friday, August 11.

Please folks, lets show M&M how much their efforts have helped us by helping them reach their goals.

Many thanks


PS, M&M, from the podcast awards site... "Nominated sites contact [email protected] for a special graphic for your website!"

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I think we should change this topic heading to "Lisa Rocks!"

Thanks Lisa. We are excited about the voting now that the nominations are in. We will be encouraging everyone as much as we can.

I think the logo they're talking about is the one we already have. If you look at it, you'll see that it changed from "nominations being taken", to the way it reads now. I think it will dynamically change to "vote now" or some such on Friday.

It comes at a cool time for us, too, because we have so much interesting content in the next month, as a year two kickoff...