I've just been invited to an informal breakfast meeting with the CEO of my company.

Some background... We're a small company (30 employees). I sit on a committee for judging the winners of a monthly award program (Our HR director chairs the committee). Yesterday we had an excellent, open discussion about ways we might improve company morale, and make better use of the recognition program.

This morning I got an email to attend the breakfast meeting.

This won't be a presentation, but I'm worried that without preparing some comments ahead of time, I'll either not make my point, or I'll be too aggressive and make an ass of myself.

I have a lot of thoughts on things the company could do to improve (like listening to MT ;-) But don't want to overstep my station, or touch off politically charged disagreements.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to approach this meeting? What I might do to be better prepared? What type of behavior a CEO might be expecting in this meeting.

Thanks! Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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