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Congratulations on launching the improved search capability of the Google mini! It is a wonderful addition that improves the functionality of the site.

Well done.


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Yes, I tried the search Engine. Awesome, Thanks for spending the $.


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Thanks, guys ... happy to hear you're finding it useful. We didn't really think about it, but I've found it incredibly useful myself in researching questions we get. Who would have known! ;-)


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When I first tried it, it was very difficult to find what I was looking for between the hundreds of forum hits, but it seems the more important hits are now listed first. The "page rank" apparently did its work? Great!

I have been wondering since you gave us the first hints about the service: is your appliance one of the google mini units, or the full-scale box?

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I believe Mike said it was a mini. Was that in the annual podcast, or was it at the conference. Either way, I'm pretty sure he said it was a mini.