Is there a proper way to inquire about compensation on an internal job posting? I work for a small company with some common ownership with a number of other small to medium sized companies in different geographic markets in our region. Occasionally, there are job postings at other offices but no indication of compensation. My base + bonus at present company is quite generous due to cost of living as well as job description. I would be interested in sales engineer role that is different than the one I'm in now (engineer/management) so I'm very unclear about what salary opportunities would be and if this would be an appropriate move financially. Any ideas on classy ways to make such an inquiry would be appreciated. I have talked to present boss about my interest in this move and he was concerned about how much I would be able to make in a sales engineer role in a smaller market.

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Whether it's internal or external it's still a job interview, so at the risk of sounding flippant "You got nothing until you got something"

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If you know the job title and the location, will tell you what to expect. This is part of what you need to do before the interview. Know the salary range.

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