Our guidance on getting and using referrals when looking for a new role.

Referrals are the golden ticket in your job search. They're part of the reason we tell you to work so hard on your network. A referral can get you past the phone screen and initial interviews, and straight to "just a chat" with a hiring manager or their boss. When you start your new job, a good referral will give you goodwill to carry you through the time until you start proving yourself. How do you get one of these magical tickets? We'll tell you. This, though, is a long term effort. If your circumstances mean that you need a job quickly, it's unlikely to help. Listen anyway - it'll help you not being in these circumstances next time.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Why are referrals so important?
  • How do I get a referral?
  • How do I use a referral?

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