This cast teaches how to improve your writing quickly.

Most managers who want to get promoted don't think that being a good writer matters. But what about email, or reviews? Haven't you read things that you had to read and re-read? THAT is bad writing.

Managers must be good writers. If you can't be "good", you must at least know how to avoid poor writing. Too many managers try to solve this problem with big words, or complex sentences, thinking it makes them sound smart. That's the WRONG way! In fact, Churchill may have said it best: "short words are best, and the old words, when short, are best of all."

In this cast, we share a simple but POWERFUL tool for improving your writing NOW. It can work for everyone, even our international members. It won't make you John D. MacDonald, but it will make you better TODAY.


This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I improve my writing?
  • What tools can I use to improve my writing?
  • How will I know when my writing is better?

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