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If you have been listening to our podcasts for any length of time, you know that we are big fans of the DiSC Profile. In our experience,this is the most effective tool we've found for understanding the behavioral tendencies of yourself and the people you interact with each day. To facilitate your use of the DiSC model, we've partnered with the premium supplier of DiSC products to provide you access to YOUR profile today.

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DiSC Behavioral Profile 2.0 - English (view sample report) $28.00
DiSC Behavioral Profile 2.0 - Spanish (view sample report) $28.00

Additional Free Resources on the DiSC Profile

Two additional Manager Tools resources you might find valuable are the DiSC Model Summary and the How To Use The DiSC To Be More Effective Every Day cheat sheet. You'll find having printed copies on your desk at work an invaluable resource.

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DiSC Implementation

Attend our Effective Communications Conference to find out more about your tendencies, those of the people around you and how best to work with them.

Validated Data

The DiSC profile has been thoroughly tested. You can read all the validation information here.

Please contact Manager Tools directly for additional foreign language versions. We'll be happy to assist you in obtaining them.