Sending entire team home-based

I just saw a recent thread about a single employee going home-based part-time (for their convenience), but my company is considering closing the regional office in which we all work, and sending everyone home-based.  The company appears to have made up its mind to walk away from the current office (we're in Chapter 11 and effectively spinning off the entire company in pieces), but it's not clear whether they'll lease a smaller space or arrange for "hotel" space, etc.

Everyone on my team works from home at least occasionally, and some work from home 2-3 days/week.  We've scheduled one-on-ones on days they're typically in the office -- obviously by phone if necessary, but generally in person.  This isn't a new team.  We'd just take the existing team and send them home permanently.

The virtual teams cast emphasizes hiring, but I'm not assembling the team.  Also, we've worked together for years so I'm not necessarily worried about getting to know one another.  Obviously we'll have to develop ground rules for communication & so forth, but I wonder if there is an specific guidance for a situation where we really are in the same general location.  Should we try to have regular face-to-face meetings?  I was thinking about doing lunch somewhat regularly, but where would we meet to actually conduct business?  Or is meeting face-to-face not necessary after all?

I mentioned the company is going through bankruptcy and divestitures.  So not only do I have an imaginary "boss" sign over my head, but everyone is seeing imaginary "going out of business" signs everywhere they look.  You can guess anxiety levels are pretty high in general.

Thanks for any help.

Do have regular face to face meetings

They're incredibly valuable.  

Does the company have any small sales offices in the area (the kind where the sales folks drop by to fill out expense reports or do a bunch of calls, but no one seems to be there full time)?  Those could be very useful spaces for a weekly set of meetings.    

John Hack