Effective Interviewer Conference

Manager Tools presents our newest conference: Effective Interviewing. As of 2012 this conference is only being offered to client companies, not to public groups.

Interviewing is the most important activity of effective managers and yet, many of us have never learned how, and certainly not how to do it well.

You will LEARN and PRACTICE how to be a good interviewer - from how to ask questions to how to decide. This conference, combined with access to our Interview Creation Tool will give you the best process to hire great candidates EVERY TIME.

We guarantee it will be the best training experience of your life, and likely the best value as well.

We limit attendance to approximately twenty-five attendees. Everyone says they love the personal attention when conferences are smaller. If your group is bigger, we can use multiple days or additional presenters at an additional cost.

At your site, or at a convenient hotel. We'll work with you to make sure the available space is effective for the training.

Email maggie@manager-tools.com or call her on (571) 336-6211

How Much:
$20,000 per day


Our Agenda:

8:00 – Welcome/Purpose/Agenda/Groundrules
8:05 – Agenda/Groundrules
8:10 – Introductions
8.45 – How To PREPARE To Hire
9.45 – Break
9.55 – How To Ask Questions
10:30 – Asking Questions PRACTICE
11:20 – Break
11:30 – How To Listen To Answers
12:00 – Lunch
12:45 – How To Listen PRACTICE
1:45 – Break
1.55 – How To Probe
2.45 – Break
2.55 – How To Probe Practice
3.50 – Break
4.00 – How To Finish An Interview
4.45 – How To Evaluate And Decide
5.20 – Parking Lot
5.30 – Close