Milk Round


When we wrote our podcast about job fairs, we wrote it part because we'd been asked by a listener how he should maximize his chances at a job fair he was going to. But, in the back of our minds was a niggle that perhaps job fairs were less common than they used to be.

The Milkround is a British institution whereby big companies go around to universities recruiting for their yearly intakes - a series of job fairs if you will. And, it's been getting smaller every year, as companies use other, cheaper methods of recruiting.

There's an article in Wired magazine though which suggests that job fairs are on their way back - for startups. It makes sense: "One company shouting in to the dark that they're hiring a developer isn't going to compete with Goldman Sachs if you're a startup. Get 100 startups together with 500 obs and it levels the playing field a bit". So even if you're looking to work at a startup, better dust off that mp3.