Conduct Multiple Interviews, Chapter 1 - Part 1

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How many interviews do I need to do?
  • What kind of interviews do I need to do?
  • Why is interviewing so important

This guidance describes how to interview candidates by conducting multiple interviews.

Interviewing candidates effectively is the most important thing a manager does. We don't get to say that - "the most important thing a manager does" - but one time, so when we say it, we mean it.

Unfortunately, interviewing candidates falls under the Christmas rule. We don't do it very often. It's really important to us. Therefore, most of us STINK at it. And to make matters worse, the only way many of us have seen it done is poorly... so with no other model we're likely to repeat doing it that very same way.

This is BAD. This is, in fact, VERY VERY BAD.

To alleviate this, let's learn how to interview others effectively. We start by learning that one interview is never enough. Never, EVER enough, even for our best friends whom we've known for years.

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Internal Hires

I'm sure you'll get to it...  But I thought I'd ask already..

OK - I get it that MT suggest 3 interviews for all... but you also said the first interview is a "phone screen"..

For internal staff applying to step up - is the first "phone screen" necessary?  I know the staff already (well enough to be able to say I wouldn't knock them out for the things I might if I was hiring somone from outside the company).

Does that reduce it to two? - or no...


Internal Hiring

I have same question as Dale above.   I am preparing to begin the interview process for a position on my team.   This is an internal posting only; we are not posting externally (for several reasons).  All employees are located on a corporate campus and we are very close to each other.  

Several of the candidates that have applied are in same building I work in and the others are in the other 3 buildings on our campus.

Why would we conduct a phone interview in this situation?   I can understand using a phone interview to save a little time (scheduling interview; candidate walking to interview) but if we are extremely close, should we not just have a face to face interview?