Conduct Multiple Interviews, Chapter 1 - Part 2

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How many interviews do I need to do?
  • What kind of interviews do I need to do?
  • Why is interviewing so important

In this cast, we continue our conversation on how to interview candidates by conducting multiple interviews.

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on fire !!

Waouww !! Mark was on fire !!

Great cast guys !! 



Not sure I remember being on fire, but if it helped deliver the mail, I'm happy to be on fire.

Lots of stuff to come on hiring in the years ahead.


More on hiring...please!

Aargh.. We have to wait until the coming "years" for more on hiring?

Seriously, if it's the most important thing a manager does, why has there been so little of it, compared to all he other topics? I'd PAY for a high-quality, comprehensive set on that topic. I'm a middle-manager at a college, and the only training/help we get on hiring is from the "affirmative action" office, telling us how to stay out of trouble. Nothing at all on how to hire the best people. We're really left on our own.

Well, there's a lot...

There's just a lot of stuff to cover, and far more managers do far more of the other stuff than do interviewing.  Just because interviewing is most important doesn't mean it's most frequent.

Seriously - sorry for all the free stuff.