Resume Update 2010 - Part 1

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What are the new trends in resumes?
  • Should I follow the new trends in resumes?
  • How should I change my resume this year?

This cast updates our resume advice for 2010.

In each of the last two years we have produced a cast updating our resume advice. Resume and hiring trends are always moving (though the focus on what you did and how well you did it never changes) and we want you to both be aware of the trends, what they mean, and how to adapt your resume to keep up with them.

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loved the video resume comments!

Another fine cast and I loved your comments on the video resume.   If I may relate some personal experience...

In my previous career working in television production, part of my hiring process required candidates to submit the equivalent of a video resume - in this case, a show reel (or demo reel as it's called in North America) of their best work.   This was an (ideally) under 10 minute DVD with samples of what the candidate considered their finest work.

In fact, most hiring managers for these jobs would weight their decisions more toward what was on this reel over the paper resume.   (For obvious reasons - the quality of the work is the most important factor)

Even then - with professionally produced reels put together by people who do video production for a living - most reels were never finished by the hiring mangers.   Fairly or unfairly - if the hiring manager didn't see what he was looking for in about 90 seconds, out popped the DVD and in went the next one.

I can only imagine what hiring managers must do when such video resume style reels aren't a requirement for the job and are submitted alongside (or instead of) paper resumes.  At the very least it would demonstrate that the candidate isn't considering what the listener/manager wants or needs, and who hires someone like that?

(As a funny aside - one time I got a demo reel from a candidate who presented a piece of work on it that was mine!  He'd made one very minor change and passed it off as his own.  That made my day.)





sorry accidently posted twice

sorry accidently posted twice..

Impossible Is Nothing, the interview resume

On the lighter side of things: I just stumbled upon this puffery video resume a Yale student used to apply at UBS(!). It is painful... Watch video

I am still in disbelieve someone would do this.ésumé)

The video opens with a staged interview between Vayner and an offscreen voice. However, the "interview" ultimately consists of a single question, to which Vayner gives a lengthy, rambling response. Using considerable amounts of business-speak jargon, Vayner praises himself and shares his various insights on success, talent, and overcoming adversity. Interspliced with the interview are clips of Vayner performing various feats designed to look impressive, including bench pressing, skiing, playing tennis, ballroom dancing, and finally karate-chopping a stack of bricks. The video ends with a dedication to Radomir Kovacevic, and a fairly lengthy credits sequence.



Other publications investigating learned that Vayner has variously claimed the following