How to Provide a Reference

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I find out my company policy on references?
  • Can I say no to a reference request?
  • How do I structure a reference?

This cast describes effective ways to provide references when asked.

Your directs and former directs are going to ask you to provide them references. Yet you've probably heard that providing references is generally frowned upon. More and more, HR says you can't. But you can.

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Providing reference on LinkedIn

What's your advice on providing a recommendation through LinkedIn? This podcast focused on giving a written reference but this question is about providing a references in the recommendation section of their LinkedIn profile. In this case, it would be for all to see, not directed to anyone or (necessarily) any position specifically.



Providing reference on LinkedIn

Funny you posted this James. I just logged in to ask the same question after listening to the cast. I figure it's a little too anonymous, so have some concerns, but was also after some recommendations here. The one thing that always concerns me about LinkedIn references is that they seem to be done as a quid-pro-quo deal - if you look at one person's recommendations a lot of the people that recommended them also have recommendations in return. Does that diminish the meaning of them?


Great podcast

Hello podcasters!
I recently learned about your podcasts and started listening to them. I found this one to be particularly useful. I'm in my early 30's, I will be completing my MBA in 9 months and I will be conducting my first job search in over 10 years (except for the summer position I am just about to finish) and I never gave much thought to references. Your advice on how to properly handle them not only to make them as effective a resource as possible but also to make them more comfortable with being a reference was very valuable. The advice is basically relationship management 101;

- Ask them for the favor of being a reference.
- Give them the tools they need to do the job the way I want it done.
- Check back in on them regularly and give them updates and information on what to expect and when.
- Make sure to say thank you for their time and effort.

But I had never thought about treating my reference providers in this way. I will certainly start to do so now.

Thanks for the great advice and the rest of the podcasts!