Rolling Out the Manager Tools' Trinity - Part 3

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What do I do first in the Management Trinity?
  • How long does going through the Management Trinity take?
  • Can I start the Management Trinity in the middle?

This cast includes Part 3 of our discussion on how to implement the Manager Tools' Management Trinity (One on Ones, Feedback, Coaching).

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Thanks for posting this over your

Thanks for posting this over your holiday weekend. You guys always deliver. The first 4-part cast or at least 4-in-a-row posts.

Thanks for the kind words, jonp. Like

Thanks for the kind words, jonp. Like Mark says, it isn't work if you love doing it! :-)

It's a miracle! Mark turned down the

It's a miracle! Mark turned down the soapbox! Great point that showing appreciation is NOT donuts and pats-on-the-back. It's specific behavioral feedback. This is more valuable, especially to top performers.

Just prior to these casts on this

Just prior to these casts on this subject, I had been doing one-on-ones for nearly a year. My directs have been doing them, but their directs do not do them consistently. And the ones that do don't do them effectively. I've talked about the importance of them and have provided access to the one-on-one podcasts as reinforcement. I gave them a week to listen to them, but no one did. I waited another week as the feedback was they were 'busy'. They've still not listened to them, including my directs. I hesitate to consider rolling out the rest of the trinity with this level of buy-in.

Do I make this mandatory? How do I validate? I'm at a loss.

Jim C.

Jim- Mandatory. And that's not


Mandatory. And that's not being overbearing. You have systems for payroll, accounting, expenses, travel, vacations, reporting, powerpoint templates, security badges, use of corporate logos externally, press releases, infomration security, web use...and none for leading and managing people.

Be nice as you please, and firm...and then, ask for their notes to validate. It's easy to do, and a little rocky as folks realize you MEANT IT...and then things get better.

Keep me posted.


Thanks for the support

Thanks for the support Mark.


In this cast it mentions "Use our material" to help discuss the feedback model with your directs.  Where is this material?  I have searched the site but cannot find anything.


Thanks in advance