Resume Update 2008

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What are the new trends in resumes?
  • Should I follow the new trends in resumes?
  • How should I change my resume this year?

This cast updates one of our most popular casts Your Resume Stinks [October 31, 2005] with learnings from our community and some timely recommendations regarding recent trends.

And, in this cast, we make a very exciting New Product Announcement!

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Good evening gentlemen, Thank you

Good evening gentlemen,

Thank you very much for updating the original resume broadcast. The timing couldn't have been better.

The examples you provided for each of the 2008 hot topics rattled my head enough to recognize I had a few of all three of them.

And what a great reframe: to quarterly add to my Career Management Document.

In stead of an "I hate updating my resume" mindset, I'll be gloriously editing down.

When you described it, I immediately thought how much easier it is for and outfielder to play deep and run in to make a catch than to play shallow and need to run back.

Again, thank you for all the fantastic advice.


Geoffrey- Bloody brilliant baseball


Bloody brilliant baseball analogy!

Go Dodgers!

And thanks as well. It's a privilege to serve.


Mike and Mark, I am glad this is

Mike and Mark,

I am glad this is happening at last. Long over due service of Resume review. Cant wait for link to appear here. I am sure this the great value add. As usual, it is at a very cheap price. Wendii value add would be the icing on the cake. Another great case of 2 team combination happening to provide synergy.(In this case across Atlantic)

Bangalore, India.

Great cast, guys! Very timely and the

Great cast, guys! Very timely and the market-sensitive points were great!



Auzenne's Law - "Just do what Mark

Auzenne's Law - "Just do what Mark says." C'mon Mike, you're not getting off that easy. We want to see the "Auzenne Almanac."

I use the "career management doc" as a

I use the "career management doc" as a bench for the resume. As I pull lines off the resume I put it in here. It is in the same organization as the resume that has captured random accomplishments, skills etc.

The only thing I need to do now is go back to the old positions and update the bullets MT style after I updated the resume MT style. I have actually had to pull lines from the bench and move some of the bullets from the resume into the bench as opportunities came up.

Edwin- Wish I'd said that! "BENCH"


Wish I'd said that! "BENCH" is perfect. It's the raw material. It is MUCH easier, as Geoffrey suggested, to whittle down than to create.


Jon- Keep in mind that while


Keep in mind that while Auzenne's Management Motto is "Just do what Mark says," Mark's business motto is "Do what Mike tells me to do."

It's a fair trade in our books!


jonp, How did that get in there?


How did that get in there? Did I forget to edit that out? Ugh! ;-)


$50?! You guys are insane. You

$50?! You guys are insane.

You continue to deliver far more value than you charge. And what a tremendous endorsement of Wendii's "skills, traits, characteristics, and abilities..."!

Congratulations and continued success!


As Chris says: Thanks for exceeding

As Chris says: Thanks for exceeding expectations again.

However as tempted as I am to get a review for a mere £25(!!!) I think I'll currently stick to listening to the pod-cast. The pod-cast is so good that I worry that I'll have paid the money for you just to remind me of something that I missed in the casts. Maybe once I've convinced myself that I really have got the perfect M-T resume I'll send it in to be supercharged.

I hope this new venture makes you significant dough. We all have a vested interest in making sure you can feed your families, take vacations and continue to love what you do.

Congrats and best wishes


Mark / Mike, Great cast guys. Four

Mark / Mike,

Great cast guys. Four good ideas I had not considered before. I just trimmed my resume down to one page and now I have to do it again!

Regarding accomplishments for the success of your directs: Is it OK to claim them if the promotions occurred after you left the company? I have had several directs in this category who were promoted after I left a company, due partially to reorganization but also (I like to think) due to my coaching and mentoring.

Also, what about the case where a direct leaves your group and later gets a promotion at another company? In this case I have first hand feedback from the person who believes that he was promoted based on what he learned when working for me.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

- Larry

Mark / Mike, I'm a relatively new

Mark / Mike,

I'm a relatively new member to the ipod & podcast world. Not quite sure how I landed into the Manager Tools podcasts, but I'm sure glad I did. I've been a faithful listener to your casts and have benefited immensely from applying your many tips and recommendations to my daily work experience.

It amazes me how practical your advice has been to me, particularly because the company that I work for is undergoing many changes (banking industry, m&a environment). I'm already reaping very positive results from implementing the Management Trinity. For starters, my team is motivated, better integrated, and actually prioritizing tasks. I know I have a lot to go to keep improving and look forward to my weekly one-on-ones and staff meetings to drive results in my department.

Even more amazing is that all of this has happened inside 2008!

Thank you for the excellent work and value that you deliver! Keep it coming!

El Salvador, Central America

Raul- Our pleasure. It's a


Our pleasure. It's a privilege to serve you.


Thanks for the advice about

Thanks for the advice about international experience. It's not something that automatically springs to mind when one thinks about (and reads about) resumes, but it makes a great deal of sense.

Does it make sense to include non-work international experiences?

For example, I lived abroad for a year before college (~10 years ago) doing non-accredited religious studies, and I'm conversant in a foreign language that I've never used in the workplace. Should I try to work these elements into my resume? If it makes a difference, I'll note that there's already a little work-related international experience on my resume - one of my biggest accomplishments was for a project for an international customer.


Thanks for the great podcast! I am

Thanks for the great podcast! I am rewriting my resume to adhere to the MT guidance and noticed a some small inconsistencies in the sample resume accessible from the Your Resume Stinks! podcast page:
1) There is a dash used between the from and to dates on the last job while all the other jobs use the word "to" between the dates.
2) Four digit years are used for the from and to dates on the last job and college degrees while all the other jobs use two digit years.
3) For four of the seven jobs, there is a space missing before the dash that separates the bold, underlined text and the description of the job.
4) Unlike all the other jobs, a hyphen is used instead of a dash on the last job.
5) The period is missing at the end of the sentence for the last bullet item on the Aircraft Program Manager job.
6) The period is missing after the "S" in "U.S." for the second bullet item on the first Deputy Commander job.
7) The zero in "5o%" the first bullet item on the second Deputy Commander job is too small (a lower case letter "o" might have been used) compared to the "50%" in the third bullet item of the first Deputy Commander job.
8) The comma separator is missing in 4,800 in the Assistant Operations Officer job description.
9) There is a space missing after the dash in the second bullet item of the last job: "...Evaluations -first in NATO..."
10) I'm not sure, but it seems that "wing" might need to be capitalized in the last bullet item of the last job; seems inconsistent with "Wing" in the second bullet item of the first job.

I would be surprised if these gone unnoticed before. Perhaps it is a test of our attention to detail. I look forward to using the new resume review service.


Hello Mike and Mark, I've recently

Hello Mike and Mark,

I've recently read advice to parents re-entering the workforce after an extended absence to organize their resume by key functional skills and not in chronological order. This would facilitate including various part-time, free lance or volunteer activities on the resume and not focus on the time period out of the full-time workforce. What is your opinion on this suggestion?


Kathy- Never. It's wrong. It's


Never. It's wrong. It's misleading. Recruiters HATE IT.

We don't mind that you've done other things. Capture them in the chronology, and practice your answers to when and why and the value.

If you're good, you won't get ruled out because you took time out (for family, for instance). But you WILL get ruled out with a resume designed to hide your chronology (for all they know, you were in prison.)


Hey guys, Just listened to the cast on

Hey guys, Just listened to the cast on Resumes, specifically the section on Metrics. What is your take on what Edwards Deming says in his book The New Economics? "We manage by theory, prediction - not by figures. If by numbers, then people will do whatever, to make numbers work or look good" "It is wrong to suppose that if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. This is a costly myth." "Management by results is wrong".
Very curious as to your views on what he argues.....


Hello, Thanks a lot on this article.


Thanks a lot on this article. It has been very informative.

I have close to 7 years experience and had left my job as I had a couple of good offers. Unfortunately, I was met with a fatal accident and was hospitalized for almost a year. My work experience is solid and I have been consistently ranked highly in my peformances.

I have the following clarifications:

1. Will it create a problem during my job hunt?

2. Shall I put it in my resume (my hospitalization for 1 year)?

I think it will be ethical to inform earlier, from the beginning itself.

3. How will you handle the questions from the interviewer? Most of them are sane. But, as you know, not all. And it will be pride swallowing.

4. After coming back, I have done a couple of courses within 2/3 weeks which is effective in market and difficult to clear by many. How shall I put in the interview?

5. I was a Team Leader in a IT company and have been offered with a Project Manager when I left. I want to have the same post (as I feel I deserve it). But will they accept? How to handle it?

Truly appreciate your response.

Thank you.


Gentlemen, I have been listening to

I have been listening to your podcasts for about 3 months now and I am hooked! I have them all on my iPod and listen to them when I do yard work or run on the treadmill. Thank you for taking the time to help a new (and I am sure seasoned) managers like myself to figure out how to be successful.

The reason I am writing is on the resume podcast, which like many people I have been updating due to the recent turn in the economy. I love my current position but I feel I need to be prepared just in case. I thought my resume was pretty good (and yes it was 2 pages) until I listened to the podcast so now I am revamping the entire thing. The question I have is where do I put professional certifications? I have several and would like to know where you feel it would be best to display it. I started putting them at the end but in my industry certifications are hot and I don’t want them to get lost.

On a related note I love the fact you are going to be able to review resumes now. Once I am done I am going to take advantage of the service you are providing.

Last thought…Have you considered creating a cast on dealing with other managers both interdepartmental and outside of your department? This is an area I know I struggle with from time to time and would greatly benefit from your knowledge.

Thanks again,

mballist, For tips on working with


For tips on working with peers you may refer to the podcast entitled "How to Prewire a Meeting", search for the peer feedback model, and if it is a matter of conflict there is a hidden gem in:

Mballist- Thanks for the kind words.


Thanks for the kind words. Glad you're with us and getting value from our work.

We've got a couple of casts that touch on peer relationships - Tom mentions one, there's also building your network, off the top of my head.

Regarding your resume, what we find is that most certifications are unnecessary on a resume, but for those you feel are particularly relevant and valid, cite them as accomplishment bullets under the job you were in when you achieved them.

It's a privilege to serve you,


Brad- We generally agree with


We generally agree with Deming, but don't think you can stretch what he's saying into "no measurements." He believes in measuring everything. We believe in measuring a LOT more than most managers do...but we also think that the art of management is knowing how to balance all the measures.


Jeevan- Sorry for your difficult


Sorry for your difficult experience.

I have seen resumes done both ways, with and without such a year long period being addressed directly. It's fine to leave it out and explain it in a cover letter. I would recommend you leave it in, and simply list the dates and note it as "Convalescence: recovering from serious automobile accident." (Please forgive me, but I am assuming here that it was fatal for someone else. To be clear, I would NOT refer to it as a fatal ctash on a resume - that will confuse interviewers. Nothing wrong with mentioning that if it is discussed in the interview.)

There is nothing you can do about "not sane" interviewers. Don't try to prepare for them. Some WILL decide not to pursue you for an interview on the (flimsy) grounds that you have one less year's experience than some other candidate. There's nothing you can do about that but pray for their souls.

To prepare for most interviews, simply practice an answer which briefly addresses your absence from the workforce. "In month year, I was in a terrible auto accident which took the lives of number others. I spent a year recovering. I regret the time I lost from my career, but I have a new appreciation for life, for health, and my fellow man. I'm a more caring AND driven person now because of it."

If you believe the courses are relevant, simply mention them as part of your "tell me about yourself" answer, right at the end. If your convalescence is ending now, put them in that paragraph of your resume.

And, apply for jobs you're interested in and capable of. If the company thinks you're not qualified enough, make your case...and accept that they have the final say. If you're capable of the tougher/higher level job, it will show and you can think of the time spent in the lower job as the professional convalescence related to the accident. Don't worry - you'll get back on track.


Thanks a lot Mark for your genuince

Thanks a lot Mark for your genuince comments. Your comments morally uplifted me.

I'll inform if I manage to go through in my job quest.

Thanks Again.

Hello Mike and Mark I've been

Hello Mike and Mark

I've been listening for close to 3 years now and I still found this cast to have new and thoughtful content. I've put so much of what you have provided to great use, even in the "managing" of a junior basketball team I coach in my spare time. Well done (always) and thank you for your enormous time, effort and passion!

Perth, Western Australia

Peter- Thanks and


Thanks and cheers!


Great Job M &M, you guys absolutely

Great Job M &M, you guys absolutely ROCK !!
I have a suggestion for podcast topic. You guys have done excellent job on educating and sharing the best practices to make the managers more EFFECTIVE.
I am requesting Podcasts on the skills that need to learnt for Managers to become Directors and VPs..

Ecineko- Same


Same ones....


I'd be very interested in hearing your

I'd be very interested in hearing your feedback about the Europass template for creating resume's in the EU.

Unfortunately, the majority of HR companies in Europe now request all resume's to be submitted using this format, in order that they can be more easily analysed and searched (contains XML).

No matter how hard I try, I can't get mine down to just one page using this formatting. I am also not so keen to remove many of the fields of data as I am not sure which criteria the HR companies use when searching through the documents. Are there some fields you can recommend definately leaving out?

What is your feedback about creating a good Europass for us Europeans?


Example CV (PDF+XML):

Create a Europass CV online here:

Andrew, personally, I think it's


personally, I think it's horrible! I'm surprised by it containing information such as date of birth and gender, which recruiters have been removing from resumes in order to comply with european discrimination legislation. However, if the European government have their way, it will become the de facto standard.

What we have been recommending for our european members is that if they are european citizens and applying for a role in Europe (excluding Britain as I have yet to see a Europass style resume here), that they should be aware of the standard european format. You definately won't be able to get a Europass resume down to one page - pity the HR teams that have to read them!

However, we do still feel that members will derive value from our review of the content of their resumes.


Hello! Help please! I have worked as

Hello! Help please!

I have worked as Administrative Assistant for 7 years with city govt agency. Six years in the same field prior with Hospitals, private org and staffing agencies. I resign last Sept 07 because I couldn't take it anymore with not being able to move up in the organization. I am constantly signing up for training, staying on top of my computer skills and business skills and thought if I just continue those things I would be up mobility.

It was also getting difficult to work with my former boss because he was blocking me from other positions, constantly recruiting me to fix some of his senior managers mess and they get recognitions and raises. A lot of boundaries were cross and I tried to deal with it diplomatically and be a good employee and just do my job. It just wasn't working anymore. During my time of working there, I have tried to look for work while employed and Nothing.

I am willing to say, its me or I'm not demonstrating strongly in my interviews. My resume I have changed 25 (no exaggeration) times to reflect my abilities and accomplishments, Nothing. Some places says I am over qualified and the rest are just not biting. I don't want to hurt myself on the bottom end with low salary, boring work.

Honestly, I'm ready to work for myself I just don't have any capital.

I need to finish my bachelors, for sure. What am I doing wrong at this point? What are employers today looking for? and how do I explain why I left in positive light?

Sorry I sent to the wrong blog

Sorry I sent to the wrong blog board

more than car insurance... Donald

more than car insurance...

Donald anastomosis obliterate nightmarish!Malaysia?Grenoble ...

I've been a listener for about two

I've been a listener for about two weeks now and this program has trumped all other podcasts during my commute to and from work.

As I listened to this episode, I kept thinking that a tool like Adobe Buzzword ( would make it easier to keep a Career Management Document and my current resume up to date, accessible from any location, and exportable in PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

Career Management Document vs. Resume

One Question - what do you do with the space on your resume that does not pertain to the job you are going after--you worked at an entirely different type of business? Do you cue the dates to a job that is not associated and say N/A, or do you leave it out? Also, what if you freelance(d)? How do you suggest you handle a resume for freelance... list clients? - this is the first time in a long time I had to look for work (it's that bad).

learning a lot.

Great update, how did I miss this one?!?

Somehow I missed this cast the first time around, I'm just listening to this now while I'm doing my quarterly review ... I can't believe how much great information is in this cast. Thank you so much!



Nick Kizirnis

How much of career to include on resume?

Mark and Mike,

Thank you for Manager Tools! I can't believe it but I have almost finished listening to all your podcasts. I'll be moving onto the Career Tool podcasts very soon.

I was completing my quarterly resume review and wondering how much of my career do I include on my resume? I've been in the workforce for over 25 years and held numerous jobs with one company (J&J). What do you recommend?

Thank you, Kent Allen


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