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Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I help my team improve?
  • What can I coach my team on?
  • How long does it take to coach my team?

Most managers probably think they do a fine job coaching their teams, but guess what? You probably have several misconceptions about coaching that prevent you from getting the absolute best out of your team. Today, we discuss coaching at length and present a coaching model that you can start using today to improve your coaching abilities. It's both easier and takes less time than you think.

Note: In July of 2009 we published a REVISED Coaching Model The new model is less complex and easier to implement. This older show has been replaced with the audio from Part 2 of the new model.

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I came across this article and thought

I came across this article and thought you guys would appreciate it.

Mark and Mike Thanks for your show,

Mark and Mike
Thanks for your show, which I am finding very useful - partly for the detailed approach to 'doing', but also for regularly focussing me in upon specific areas of my management practice. I think that having a single subject each week helps with this, leaving space for the detail and for focussing upon a specific area. In the 'cast this week you raised the question of having shows with a variety of topics. For myself, I doubt if I would find that as useful. It would depend upon the content, of course, but might turn into some sort of magazine, rather than a tutorial - I think the latter is more useful for me.
For your interest, I'm the CEO of a social care charity in London, with 20 staff spread across five projects. I have four project managers/team leaders report to me, as well as an administrator. I'm not sure what happens in the States, but in the UK you often find managers and CEO's like me who have been promoted from being practitioners (counsellors, social workers, etc), but without any specific management training. While I believe that I have good communication skills and can gain people's trust, I find that I have needed courses to bring more structure to my management relationships. Your show is usefully complementing that development.
You ask for feedback on improvements for the show. I like the style, the informality and practical approach. I'm not sure about the 'ninety percent of corporate America do/don't do x' - maybe, it sounds slightly exaggerated, but I've no way on knowing - perhaps it's more that it sounds odd as I work in non-profit UK. Sometimes I think the shows include a fair bit of repetition, but I think that that is a real strength, as it reinforces ideas. Overall I'd say keep it as it is, it's good and it works.
Thanks for making this available.
Best wishes

I wanted to thank you guys for doing

I wanted to thank you guys for doing this podcast, and warn you that I promoted you on "The Cranky Middle Manager" podcast.

I like the way you focus on specific behaviors, and provide the cards and templates. I used to do one-on-ones when my branch was smaller, but when I got to 15 people I stopped. You've convinced me to find or make the time to start doing it again once everybody is back in the office. (Our vacation silly season runs into mid-September.)

So thanks, and please keep them coming!


Thanks, Tom ... I listen to the Cranky

Thanks, Tom ... I listen to the Cranky Middle Manager podcast, so it was very cool to hear your reference to our show. Very cool indeed!

And, by the way, you sounded very good on the show ... perhaps YOU ought to be doing a podcast!! ;-)

Thanks again for the feedback and the cudos on the interview!