Effective Manager and Effective Communications Conferences Preparation Materials

To help you prepare for the Effective Manager and Effective Communications Conferences, we've prepared some additional materials.

First, we've created a podcast to help you prepare. It covers the agenda of the conference and what to expect during the Effective Manager Conference.

We also created a Manager Tools Glossary to cover the terms that we're most often asked about.

Additionally, for each conference there is a Conference Logistics PDF covering the logistics of the conference – the conference location, travel and lodging arrangements, and the conference agenda.

Extra Podcast - Agenda Overview

We want you to know what to expect when you get to the conference and what we've planned for the day, and what to be thinking about in advance. It's going to be a FULL day; we hope you come prepared to learn and HAVE FUN.

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Manager Tools Glossary

Manager Tools Glossary

Conference Logistics Documents