Ordering Multiple Interviews - Part 1

Our recommendations for how to set up the order of interviews you conduct for a day of in-person interviews of a candidate. This guidance is part of our Effective Interviewer Series.

We're surprised at how little thinking goes into who is going to interview a candidate during a day of face to face interviews. Here are our simple recommendations.

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Behavior-based interviews, panel interviews, etc.

 As always great work Mark & Mike!

A bit behind in listening to the podcasts but listened to Part 1 this morning.  Interesting that on Monday I delivered a "Talent Selection" program that includes heavy emphasis on behavior-based interviewing. Some thoughts:

  • Paul Green, PhD, is one of the "fathers" of behavioral interviewing and has a number of great videos (we use "More than a Gut Feeling III" and he has a newer video) and books.  Recently released book is called "Actions Speak!" and I highly recommend it.
  • Not all HR departments do or promote weird things like asking "What color would you be."  Now, I'm biased because I "live" in HR and we rant against such unreliable and invalid questions.  We teach behavioral interviewing skills and provide structured interview guides that are to be used consistently with each applicant.  Most large companies (as far as I know) have excellent recruiters who process applicants and in some case do screens based on academic backgrounds, etc. and if phone screens are conducted are related to competencies and use behavior-based interview questions.
  • "Old fashioned" panel interviews where a bunch of people just get together and ask random questions are as invalid as interviews conducted by an individual manager asking random questions.  However, panels that use behavior-based interviews can actually lead to better hiring decisions IF consistent, behavior-based methodology is followed. Each panel member complete her or his own assessment followed by review of the rating each gave the various competencies.  As long as "group think" is avoided the panel may highlight important areas that perhaps the hiring manager missed and/or illustrate common hiring mistakes such as halo/horn effect, similar to me, providing too much information, etc.  (See Dr. Green's book for more on common errors.)

Again, loved Part 1 and looking forward to Part 2.


Good cast

Mark/Mike, good one.  I will be making some changes as a result.  It all makes sense, makes me wonder why I never thought of it myself!


What about Interviewing Consultants?

Our staff is 50-75% consulting, so my question is does the process stay the same or vary slightly since they are temporary staff? 

Thank you for posting such great content.