I'm Underpaid

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I compare my salary to others?
  • Can I go ask for a raise?
  • How do I talk to my boss about being underpaid?

Our guidance on what to do if you think you're underpaid.

This cast came out of an email we were sent by a listener. He had recently transferred to a new position and received a standard merit increase. When the company advertised a similar role in a different department, the role was advertised with an additional $5000 in salary. In addition, the listener had spoken to someone who was leaving the company who had been in a similar role and he was making an additional 15%. Our listener was beginning to feel that he'd got a rough deal. The question was, what to do next?

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Will this become the most downloaded CT podcast?

The title alone makes me think this will be the most downloaded podcast in CT history.

I appreciated

 I am only half-way through the podcast but appreciated an important point that i heard just in the last part I listened. I'm not sure if I feel underpaid as much as underappreciated because my rewards haven't been as much. But now I could know why.

When I was hired by  the pharmaceutical company I am with, they made the offer at the next higher level. not entry level PhD. Many people got hired that year and the following year and I was the only one with the higher level. First half year I got average rating because that is standard on new hires. On my 2nd year, I got the highest of highest highest performance ratings that no one ever gets. The economy was good and so both my bonus and raise were excellent that year. I was single back then too. In future years, I've only gotten average performance reviews, and one time a below average. I've been disappointed. even though money-wise though, i didn't do much worse than the high performing folks because the economy hasn't been good and bonuses/salary raises havven't been as much.   But this cast helped me take less personally that I hadn't gotten the performance reviews that I wanted because perhaps it was a budget issue - sharing the wealth kind of thing.