Interview with Jim Collins, Author of Great by Choice

If you're a manager and you don't know who Jim Collins is, you've been living under a rock. Jim is a student and teacher of how companies grow and attain superior performance. His book, Built to Last, is a business classic and one of our favorites.

Mark recently had a chance to sit down and talk with Jim about his most recent book, Great by Choice. You won't want to miss it.

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Jim Collins

I just have to say that Jim Collins makes an excellent 2nd guest! He provides substantiated and thought provoking material by which you can build your own guidance system. (disclaimer - I have been a fan of yours and his for many years) 


Bullet number 2


It may not be cannonball time. But, please, fire more bullets. That is, more guests please. You are better at interviewing then you think.
I’ve been using a phrase/analogy/proverb for quite sometime. You can build (or innovate in this case) something out of clay or stone. Both are different processes, have different costs, require different skills, and result in something new. I’m going to start complementing that with the bullet vs cannonball terminology for more effectiveness. 


20 mile march

The whole interview was excellent--both in the content Collins brought and in your shaping the direction.  The idea of the 20 mile march was very useful.

I know in his march to the sea in the American Civil War, Sherman terrified the South not only by his destruction but by his capacity to move tens of thousands of men--ten miles every day.  No matter the terrain--they moved ten miles a day.  The steadiness of the movement in itself had an impact.

Fantastic interview!

 Fantastic interview.  I read the book Good to Great.  The interview just made it so clear on how to go about implementing what is on the book.  

The interview gives a very neat and simple framework to focus on the responsibility one has to the results regardless of what is going on outside: "set yourself to walk 20 miles a day regardless of what is happening outside".  Don´t under due it and don´t overdue it either.  Brilliant!

Thanks for this treat!