Resumes For Graduates

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I create a resume when I'm still in college?
  • Can I include extra curricular activities in my resume?
  • How do I make a resume when I have no experience?

This cast helps recent graduates develop an effective resume.

This cast is another in the series of resumes for particular professions and stages in your career. New graduates can find creating resumes particularly difficult. There is lots conflicting advice aimed at them, including from their schools. The lack of work experience makes it difficult. The lack of perceived accomplishments makes it difficult. With this cast, we hope to make it easier.

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Exception to "No Hobbies" Rule?

 Mark and Mike,

I have listened to this cast twice, and as a recent graduate, it has been quite helpful to me (in addition to the interviewing series and your other casts) in my career preparation. That having been said, I am curious about possible "relavent interest" exception to the "no hobbies rule."

For instance, I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and desire to work in the food/bev industry. I am very passionate about the subject and have several related hobbies. So, if I was applying for a position at, let's say, a brewery, the fact that I am a frequent home brewer seems somewhat relavent (or less superflous than 'hiking', at least).

Is there a good way to incorporate this into a resume (in your format), or do they only belong in the context of a cover letter? For instance, you mentioned that captain of the football team could be included on a resume because it is leadership experience. But surely this would not be included as a full job entry in your format?

Love what you guys bring to the table. Thanks for all of the great content!



Responsibilities Section for education

Hey guys,

Just a quick question about resumes for graduates or students.  What would be considered a "responsability " for a student?  Accomplishments such as Deans List every single semester seems easy to come up with, but how would someone word their responsibilities??

Thanks all,