Horstman's Law of Project Management - Part 2

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What is Horstman's law of Project Management?
  • What is the simplest way to manage a project?
  • How are project management and management different?

Part 2 of our series on Horstman's Law of Project Management.

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Agile software project management

The software development process has been undergoing a revolution in recent years. Thanks to the work of Kent Beck, Mike Cohn and others, the new buzz-word is "Agile".

In essence, being 'agile' addresses all of the issues you raise in these two episodes. It brings managers (of a sort) down to a level where they are interacting much more with their team, they are focussing on delivery of working software as the primary measure of progress, and on collaboration as the best way to do it. It works!

See the Agile Manifesto at www.agilemanifesto.org for more information.


Estimating a project timeline

Hello MT community,

M&M spoke about PM software that you click a few tabs and it spits out a project plan with due dates .... what are your tips for a PM that needs to create these deadlines by himself?