The 2nd Rule of Effective Project Team Members

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I become a better assistant?
  • How do I predict what my boss needs?
  • How do I make sure I don't miss details?

This cast explains the SECOND most important behavior or habit to ensure your success as a project team member.

It's one thing to manage a project. But far more of us are ON projects, not managing them. How can we do this while still getting "all of our real work done"?

We have a series of recommendations - this is the second one. ;-)

Note: We made reference to the cast we did on resumes. You'll find it here: Your Resume Stinks!

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desire: casts on conflict and on non profits

I work with non profits and conflict. I work with people who by and large are very poor in both these areas...and would like some of your "wise" insights. Read Drucker..he is good!! Dennis Ladd (8540)

1st Rule!

What the hell is the first rule!! I won't be able to sleep tonight! ;-)

rule 1

I'm guessing that the first rule is to actually set deadlines.

I'm working inside a project where the "main" division is failing to do just that and it's a living hell.

The old cliche is not true -- that "a failure of planning on your part does not make an emergency on my part".... they're making everything an emergency for me! :)

I always know I'm in trouble when their meetings start with "so, what's up?". As MT say - it should be who does what by when.

Apologies for blowing off steam. Better here than at work!